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From Gallbladder Surgery to PHP - Read Yuri's story

Interview with a former surgeon, Yuriy Tretyachenko, who finally does what he really enjoys and is not bored


Thanks to retraining, Marek is now a project manager

After 12 years, he decided to retrain. IT skills are as important as a foreign language. It wasn't easy, but today, he is a successful programmer. How?


How did IT support specialist Pavel become a programmer?

Pavel started loving programming when he discovered the OOP courses at ICTdemy. Now he works remotely as a developer.


The theory alone was not enough for Radek. How did he start?

Radek was always interested in computers and programming, but what difficulties did he encounter, and what helped him? What advice does he have for you?


Economist Jakub became a programmer with a business focus

He graduated from the University of Economics in the 1990s. After 17 years at the same position, he decided to change his career and become a programmer.


Patrik (21) has a development studio. How did he achieve it?

He is 21 years old, but he has been programming and starting his company for more than 10 years. How did he learn all this? And what advice does he have?