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PHP is a popular web programming language running on the server side. It powers most websites on the Internet.

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The courses structure prepared by David Capka Hartinger. The author is a programmer, who likes web technologies and being the lead/chief article writer at He shares his knowledge with the community and is always looking to improve. He believes that anyone can do what they set their mind to.
David learned IT at the Unicorn University - a prestigious college providing education on IT and economics.
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E-learning PHP Tutorials

PHP Basic Constructs

Course: 15 lessons, 21 tasks

FREE, PRO from: $6.30
Databases in PHP for Beginners

Course: 7 lessons

More About MySQL

Course: 13 lessons

FREE, PRO from: $4.50
Object-Oriented Programming in PHP

Course: 26 lessons, 24 tasks

FREE, PRO from: $18
Object-Oriented Design in UML and PHP

Course: 14 lessons

FREE, PRO from: $7.20
Simple Object-Oriented CMS in PHP (MVC)

Course: 13 lessons

FREE, PRO from: $3.60
Working with files in PHP

Course: 6 lessons

FREE, PRO from: $0.90
Libraries for PHP

Course: 23 lessons

FREE, PRO from: $11.70
Laravel Framework for PHP

Course: 21 lessons

FREE, PRO from: $9
Symfony Framework for PHP

Course: 2 lessons

Complete E-Shop in PHP (Mastering MVC)

Course: 46 lessons

FREE, PRO from: $91.44
Testing in PHP

Course: 23 lessons

FREE, PRO from: $41.94
Best Software Design Practices for PHP
Design Patterns in PHP

Course: 27 lessons

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