E-learning - Junior programmer


A complete e-learning course with practical examples and online certification, which will perfectly prepare you for an IT job as a junior programmer!

E-learning - Choose an IT profession LIVE: Demand for IT workers is growing even more than before! Join us, we'll teach you everything you need!

What will you do as a Junior Programmer?

The job of a junior programmer is to create web applications and develop projects from microsites to e-shops. Do you want to master the most popular technologies today? Then this position is exactly for you.

What do the course graduates say?

Thousands of our students rate lessons and exercises on average 4.8 / 5. Read their stories.

Select programming language

So let's get started. First choose a programming language:

We recommend that you start with C# .NET because it is universal and well-paid.

  • C# .NET - Popular, universal, from Microsoft
  • Java - Universal, popular in corporations and on Android
  • PHP - Favorite, the web, powers most of the internet
  • Python - Big data, artificial intelligence, hardware, web services backend
  • JavaScript - Web, creation of add-ons, clients and servers

What will you learn in the courses?

You will be able to create a fully functional e-commerce application and get a job as a Junior Programmer. Modern courses loaded with interactive examples will give you a solid foundation that you can rely on on your journey to become senior with salary up to $350,000.