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We're an international IT social network. We host large databases of online courses, the beginner-level ones are free, and articles about programming. We offer high quality, cheap professional courses. Beginners come to to become experienced programmers, and as you know, IT people get by pretty well these days. You can create your portfolio here, take courses, quizzes, discuss related topics, and publish your apps. We have a lot of stuff for experienced programmers as well. works like a social network, it has profiles, member tagging, private messages, and similar features. However, the main part of the network is a large library of articles and sample source codes. Content is kept up to date and new courses arrive very often.

Don't hesitate to join us, it's free :) users have different roles, you can read all about the social structure if you'd like.


We are not able to directly reply to personal questions. We will, however, gladly help you with anything in our forums. For anything else that cannot be shown publicly, you can contact us at this address:

editors (at) ict [dot] social

tel. +420 731 814 822


We would like to give credit to the authors of the following technologies that help us keep the network up and running:

Among others...

We've been developing this project for several years now, with intensely hard work at that. If you would like to build your business based on our structure and get the competitive advantages of having a custom network. Contact us, we'll be happy to lease it to you.


David Čápka
Prague, Czech Republic
ISSN 2464-6326

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