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How did IT support specialist Pavel become a programmer?

Pavel had to overcome several obstacles before becoming a programmer. But he was always interested in IT, and eventually, his original work led him straight into the arms of programming. He says that he really enjoys it and, in addition, he writes code for his own projects in his free time. How did he achieve this? What helped him and what did he have to go through?


Hi Pavel. How are you today?

Hi, I'm fine.

First of all, tell me if you had any programming experience or IT in general before the course?

Well, I studied at an IT high school. And I took a programming course at work. Even then, KBC company where I worked as IT support specialist paid it for me. That's when I found out that I could program, which I did a little bit, but of course, I needed to know better. I only had some basics from school, which may not always be enough.

Why didn't you continue your studies at university?

I don't even remember what it was like anymore. I feel like I was not approved for a university. I applied for the military university and then I didn't even renew my student status. So I went to work. Then I didn't want to go to school anymore. School was not a very pleasant experience for me. On the contrary, the working environment is much better. I was especially bothered by the school system as such. When you've been in that school for an awfully long time and then you still have to study at home and do some homework, it's very nerve-wracking. It was stressful. At the same time, it's much cooler at work. Teachers feel like they are above you at school but in a job everyone somehow acts like equals. Or at least he's trying. It is a much more pleasant environment.

The school was not a very pleasant experience for me. The whole system bothered me. It was stressful. At work, everyone acts as equal. It is a much more pleasant environment.

What did you take for the courses (e-learning / lecturer-led course/retrai­ning)?

I learned the most from e-courses (e-learning) myself. And then the OOP course was paid for me by the company.


Did you have problems with anything during the course?

There were some things that I just could not understand for a long time before I worked them out. But in the end I understood and managed it. Then, over time, you look back and you don't understand what you couldn't understand. At the end, it always fits together.

Sometimes I came across a problem, but in the end, I understood and managed to solve it.

What was your motivation?

I mainly enjoyed it. I mean programming. Besides, I was already working on my own project, so I actually tried what I learned right away. Just learning something for nothing would probably not amuse me. I could immediately use the knowledge from those materials. If it could not be used in the work project, then I had a side note. In the previous work, there were rather smaller programs, and in addition, I used all of the new knowledge in the game..

I enjoyed programming. I created my own project while studying. Just learning something for nothing would probably not amuse me. I used the new knowledge to the fullest.

Did you miss something in the materials you had to look for elsewhere?

I think there was almost everything. When I needed something extra, it was a complete rarity or something easily traceable. Exactly the most basic things a person needs for normal functioning were all there. It occurred to me that the course was well composed. It gave me a good foundation, on which I am now packing other things that I am learning through practice.

Where do you work now?

I moved to another company because in the original company I worked as an IT support as a secondary duty to my work. But I was so caught up in programming that I switched to a position where I'm already working as a programmer.


Did you find this job right away or did you go through more interviews?

They didn't hire me until the third interview. So the first one was to a factory where they wanted me to do half support and half programmer. I didn't like it very much because I wanted to program more.

At the second interview, I found it very difficult again. They even had a knowledge test for the candidates. So that did not work out well. I probably wouldn't know that it was a junior admission procedure. They didn't choose me and I'm happy about it today, because I would have to worry a lot there.

And the third one turned out successfully. I work there to this day. Our company programs calculators for the insurance company Kooperativa. I'm very happy here.

What was the interview like?

By making my own game, I used it straight away as an example. I applied for the junior, so they immediately saw that I could program. That was practically enough. They did not ask me anything special. We had a pleasantly friendly chat.

In the interview, I used my game as a demonstration of my skills. They didn't ask me anything special. We had a friendly chat.
Do you feel that the knowledge from the course helped you to work today?

Definitely. Thanks to the course, I created my project.

Would you recommend ICTdemy to those interested in retraining or courses or e-learning?

Certainly. It occurs to me that the materials of ICTdemy are quite high-quality. It's really well written, I personally had no problem with understanding it. I went through it honestly from A to Z. Thanks to that, I didn't have a problem with completing tasks. So for those who have some foundation, e-learning would be sufficient.

But I can imagine that someone needs help during their studies, and the course is definitely better. Quality can be seen across technologies because I started with C# and now I work in Java. It's quite similar and there are minimal differences.

The materials of the IT network are quite high quality. I went through them honestly from A to Z. Thanks to that, I didn't have a problem with completing tasks. In addition, quality can be seen across technologies.
So you don't use C# at all?

I still use it for games. I create them in UNITY, so I keep refreshing my knowledge. On the other hand, the languages are really so similar that I wouldn't even need it.


What do you do in your free time? Do you program, for example?

I would say that I program in my free time. And I keep coming back to those games. So I never finished anything. I do some martial arts. Not much now that everything was closed. And otherwise some more fitness.

Thank you very much for your time and pleasant conversation and I wish you good luck. Have a nice day.

You too and have a lot of students.

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