E-learning - Web application programmer

Web application

A complete e-learning course with practical examples and online certification, which will perfectly prepare you for an IT job as a web app. programmer!

E-learning - Choose an IT profession LIVE: Demand for IT workers is growing even more than before! Join us, we'll teach you everything you need!

What will you do as a Web application programmer?

The job of a web application programmer is to create web applications and develop projects from microsites to e-shops. Do you want to master the most popular technologies today? Then this position is exactly for you.

Select programming language

So let's get started. First choose a programming language:

We recommend that you start with C# .NET because it is universal and well-paid.

  • C# .NET - Popular, universal, from Microsoft
  • Java - Universal, popular in corporations and on Android
  • PHP - Favorite, the web, powers most of the internet
  • Python - Big data, artificial intelligence, hardware, web services backend
  • JavaScript - Web, creation of add-ons, clients and servers

What will you learn in the courses?

You will be able to create a fully functional e-commerce application and get a job as a Web application programmer. Modern courses loaded with interactive examples will give you a solid foundation that you can rely on on your journey to become senior with salary up to $350,000.