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Personal data processing principles

This translation is for reference purposes only. This is an English translation of the original Czech text available at…obnich-udaju, and is prepared for reference purposes only. The Czech original is the governing document of the Company and this English translation shall have no legal force.

This document is part of our Terms of Service server-rules and has been earmarked for greater clarity. For all terms see these Operating Conditions.

Privacy Policy

The network is based on the protection of personal data of individuals and on their awareness of their rights in the area of ​​personal data. This information section provides this information to members.

In order to provide you with transparent information about your personal information, first define the terms that we will use:

  • Personal Details - Any information that may be directly or indirectly identified by the member. This is, for example, its name or IP address.
  • Processing - Processing of personal data means any operation with a member's personal data, such as storing, reading, editing or deleting.
  • Profiling - Any form of automated processing of personal data that is used to evaluate some of the person's personal aspects (eg, the level of knowledge).
  • Pseudonymization - Processing of personal data so that it can no longer be assigned to a particular member without the use of additional information if this additional information is kept separate and is subject to technical and organizational measures.

Business Group Identification, Administrator, Processor, Recipient

Personal data are not displayed by the Networks outside the EU or by third parties and are used within the company ITnetwork s.r.o., ID: 05861381. IČ (Czech business identification number): 05861381, headquarted in Prague 2, Karlovo náměstí 290/16, 120 00, Czech Republic (hereinafter the Provider). Personal data is processed only in a minimum quantity and for legitimate purposes.

Personal data are not passed on to any other recipients unless this consent is expressed or not legally required.

The following section explains which personal data we process, for what purpose and why.

All data is processed during the use of the service by a member, that is, until his consent is withdrawn, if such processing is based on consent or in the deactivation or limitation of a user account.

If the Provider suspects that any of the following data was suspected of having been inflicted for the purpose of harming another person (in particular as identity theft) or in order to harm the Network (especially if it contains defamatory texts), the Provider is entitled to remove the member's account irrevocably without notice.

Registration data

  • Email address - Used to login and communicate with a member. Members of the Network will receive direct marketing communications that satisfy the right to object. These communications are not based on profiling, it is a basic newsletter relevant to the professional content submitted under the terms and conditions that a member has closed by registering with the Network. These include, in particular, new teaching content with IT focus, new learning services, or teaching assistant's reports to help the member with his / her teaching. This communication is our legitimate interest and a member will be informed during registration. The email address can be changed but can not be completely deleted because it is used to login and / or contact a member, which is a legitimate interest of the Network. To remove an email address, a member will use the "forgotten" right to deactivate his account, for more information, see "Be forgotten". Email address is not publicly visible.
  • Name and surname - Identify and address the member on the network and in the messages. A member will act in public debates under this name, will be listed in his profile and other places associated with his activity on the Network. If a member does not want to act under his full name for any reason, he can only enter his name and first letter of the last name, followed by a dot such as Jan K.. The member is authorized to enter the name of the fictitious (eg Josef H.), but only in such a way that the full name is not mentioned, preventing the possibility of another person being harmed. A member is obliged to enter a name that does not cause the Network to look inferior or untrustworthy, such as I will not say, aaaa bbbb, My Name or even the name will be defamatory or vulgar if using the Network under this name. The Operator is entitled to remove irrevocably the accounts that violate this policy without warning.
  • "I'm under 16 years old" - This is a legal requirement to find out if the user is under 16 years of age. Alternatively, an additional parental email box will be displayed. They will then be required to consent to the registration.
  • Gender - Used to fold a member's name (eg Adam has registered, Eva has registered), public figure.
  • Password - Used to authenticate and authorize the user. To save passwords, see the technical precautions.

Our legitimate interest is to store members' IP addresses in order to protect against spam or cyberbullying, or other misuse of the service.

If a user registers through Facebook, the data is retrieved from his Facebook account and the Facebook account ID is retained for re-login.

This personal data is the user's responsibility to provide to become a member of the Network for the above reasons. If data are required to be provided by law, this is explicitly stated. Otherwise, this is a contractual requirement. Failure to provide the above data results in the inability to use the Networks requiring registration. The provision of the additional information contained herein is voluntary or obligatory only for the use of other Network services, in particular for mediation of employment by ITnetwork s.r.o. Failure to provide additional information results from the inability to use any service or service.

Additional data in member profile

A member can fill in additional information in his profile. These data are only for public viewing on the Network and are not processed for any other purpose unless explicitly stated.

  • Web - A member's website, if any.
  • Avatar - Member's photos to facilitate its identification on the Network (eg in discussions). If the Provider suspects that the photograph has been uploaded for the purpose of damaging another person (in particular Identity Theft) or in order to harm the Network (especially if it contains defamatory texts or erotic elements), the Provider is entitled to remove the account of the member without notice irrevocably.
  • Wallpaper - Serves as background picture.
  • About Me - A short text about a member to facilitate the establishment of new social contacts on the Network.
  • Signature / Motto - Shown below each comment.
  • Editor's signature - Appears under member's articles if he has editorial rights.
  • Geographic location - If a member enters this data, other members will be able to find their profile based on their location.
  • Invoicing data - Invoicing data required by current laws, storing these data is our legitimate interest and is processed only to the extent required by applicable laws.
  • Birth date - We only store the month and year of birth to calculate the approximate age of the member. This data is also used for age statistics of users, which is necessary for the quality of the content and services of the Network to its users.
  • Favorite Movies / SERIES - Used to facilitate social interaction among members
  • Favorite Music - Used to facilitate social interaction among members
  • Favorite IDE, Editor - Used to facilitate social interaction between members


For the purpose of job mediation, the member may provide additional information, in particular:

  • Name and surname
  • Phone
  • Biography
  • Education
  • Current and past employers
  • Current and Preferred Jobs
  • Expected salary
  • English level
  • More information

For the transfer of any data for the purpose of job placement to ITnetwork s.r.o. The network will additionally obtain a member's approval. This consent can be revoked in Personal Information Settings.

Another services

The network provides additional services that allow you to enter personal information. Unless otherwise indicated, these data are shared by the members of the network, and the Network does not process them for others. The user can simply delete these data via the Network interface.

  • Photo albums
  • Schools
  • Knowledge quizzes
  • Optionally, other services not listed here

Email notifications

All e-mail notifications related to a member's activity on the network, especially a warning about a new response to his post, or an action or advice related to his / her teaching, are adjustable and can be easily turned off using the "Settings" button in the member profile under the "Notification" submenu.

Ad personalization

Ad messages are not displayed based on profiling. The member is entitled to cancel the advertising announcement for a fee in "Settings" in the "Appearance" submenu. Here's also an option to set up ad behavior, especially if it can reach a member by name.


The network has a legitimate interest in recording all activity of its members, especially in order to prevent cyberbullying, damage to the Network's reputation, identity theft, spam, unwanted advertising or competitive recruiting of members. Some activity records are conducted in a legitimate interest to prevent overloading or misuse of the service.

Pseudoanonymized data within a legitimate interest

The network, in its legitimate interest, stores data such as IP addresses or pseudonymized ("hash") emails, or other pseudonymized personal data that can help prevent abuse and fraud even after the right to be forgotten.

Special categories of data

The network does not process specific categories of personal data (racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religion or philosophical beliefs or trade union membership, genetic data, biometric data for the sole purpose of identifying a physical person, health or sexual life or sexual orientation of a physical persons) nor does it process data on criminal matters.


The network has a legitimate interest in generating statistics to improve its services (such as adjusting content by the average age of its users) or public statistics. In order to create statistics, members' personal data may be used. The result of these statistics is not personal data, nor is it profiling.

Members' rights

All members can apply the following rights free of charge in the following manner, using the features available in the Network interface.

  • Right to be informed - A member has the right to be informed about his / her rights regarding his or her personal data. This right is met by the availability of these operating conditions, which all members are informed about.
  • The right to obtain a receipt - A member has the right to obtain a confirmation that his or her personal data are processed. This is done by attempting to sign in (not sign up) to the Network using your email address or addresses. If a user account exists for one of its email addresses, it means that it has previously registered as a network member and its personal data is being processed. Otherwise, they are not processed or the Network is unable to determine with reasonable effort.
  • The right to be forgotten - A member has the right to be forgotten and to request the irretrievable removal of all personal data from the Network. He / she will apply this right in his / her profile ( where he goes to "Settings", then "Personal data" and presses the "Deactivate Account" button. In order to prevent abuse of the account deactivation service, for example as a joke or deliberate damage, the physical removal of the data from the account will take place only after a reasonable time interval of days in which it is likely that the member of the deactivation itself would have noticed . Once the account is deactivated, the email address, IP address or IP address or other member data will be pseudonymized using a modern hashed algorithm and salt. This figure uses the Network as a legitimate interest in ensuring that a member with this address can never register, in particular to prevent fraudulent manipulation of accounts, whereby a member with a single email address will gradually deactivate accounts and base new ones for example bypassing the various limitations imposed by the Networks on this account, in particular the limitation of access to discussions due to spam, identity theft or other violation of the Terms of Service. A member's account, no longer personal data, will remain in the legitimate interest of the Network to maintain data integrity (eg in discussions).
  • Right to limit processing - A member has the right to request a limitation on the processing of personal data, which in practice means that his data will be stored only and will not be processed in any other way (eg by reading). His account will appear to be inactive and without personal information. You can apply this right in your profile ( where it goes to "Settings", then "Personal information" and presses the "Restrict the processing of personal information" button. You can then re-enter the account by logging into this account and selecting "Cancel Account Limitation".
  • Right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority - If a member believes that his / her rights have been violated, he / she may report this to the relevant supervisory authority.
  • Right to legal protection against an administrator or processor - A Member is entitled to effective judicial protection if he considers that his rights under this Regulation have been violated.
  • Right to compensation - A member has the right to the payment of damages if it was caused by failure to fulfill the duties of the Administrator. Judicial proceedings for the purpose of exercising the right to reparation shall be brought before the courts competent under the law of the Member State.
  • Right of rectification - A member has the right to correct his or her personal data on the Network if it is no longer up to date, inaccurate or incomplete. Use this right using common tools available on the Network (e.g., editing this data in the "Settings" of your profile).
  • The right to withdraw consent - If the processing of personal data is a member based on consent, the member has the right to revoke this consent at any time. Revocation of consent can be done in "Member Profile Settings" in the "Personal Data" submenu. Revocation of consent is without prejudice to the lawfulness of processing based on consent given prior to his / her removal.
  • Right of access to personal data - In Personal data settings, a registered member can view all personal data stored in the Network. They can download their copy in a structured, machine-readable and exchangeable format (HTML or JSON). Generating this copy will take a reasonable amount of time due to the number of network members and technical capabilities of the Administrator.
  • Right to data portability - A person has the right to transfer his personal data to another administrator. To use this right, use the form on the Privacy Settings page. This transmission is associated with the risks of passing the data to an unauthorized person. The user is authenticated by typing a password, verifying the email to forward the data, and selecting the check box. The network bears no responsibility for such data, especially if a member has accidentally entered another email address. The third party will get contact with a member, typically an email address, to inform him about processing problems.
  • Right to object to processing - A member has the right to object at any time to the processing of personal data concerning him / her, on the basis of public or legitimate interest, including profiling for direct marketing. The Member will oppose the direct marketing objection by clicking on the "Unsubscribe" link at the end of each of these emails to terminate the processing.


The network is currently not profiling members. The "Skill" indicator of a member is not profiling, since it only shows the extent of its activity on the network and this value is not based on the processing of personal data.

Knowledge quizzes

If a member perceives as profiling knowledge quizzes, he is entitled to remove his / her results at any time, thereby also exercising his / her right to object. However, quizzes that have been removed will never be run again to reduce fraud (especially when a member tries, quits, and then re-fills it with unfair competition over other members). The results of quizzes are publicly visible in a member's profile and serve to compare knowledge and interests between members. If a member uses ITnetwork s.r.o., his quizzes will be used for profiling, which is a legitimate interest of ITnetwork s.r.o. in order to perform the service. A member may also object to this, which will result in the termination of the provision of employment mediation.


To ensure that Network Services work, Networks must store cookies. These are files stored in your browser that are accessible only to the Network and you can delete them most often under the option "Clear cookies", depending on the particular Internet browser. The network stores only so-called functional cookies, that is, the cookies that are essential for its operation and ensure, for example, the registration of members. These cookies are always enabled and can not be disabled. The network can use cookies to analyze traffic in accordance with applicable privacy regulations. The network does not use any other categories of cookies, especially for tracking users for marketing purposes or cookies of other social networks, except cookies required for Facebook login.

Change your consent

Technical measures

  • There is this document with up-to-date information for members about the processing of their personal data.
  • Only minimum personal information is required, and only data that we do not find threatening (such as favorite literature) are provided.
  • E-mail addresses are verified by double-opt when registering or changing an email, ie by sending a confirmation link to the mailbox. This will significantly limit the possibility of registering a member with a third person without his knowledge.
  • Networking is encrypted using secure HTTPS protocol (SSL).
  • User passwords are stored only as imprints from which the original password can not be retrieved. This effect is enhanced by the use of the so-called dynamic salt, which minimizes the risk of guessing the password using gross computing power.
  • Members' data is not found on the workstations of Administrators or their coworkers, for example, in the stations of the Network's information system programmers. These workers have only a fully anonymized test database on their stations.
  • All data backups by the Administrator are encrypted and stored in EU countries.
  • The network is set so that its content is not stored in the Internet archive. In this way, the rights of "be forgotten" and "restrict processing" are improved. Profiles of deactivated members are marked with headers to prevent caching and data archiving.
  • Maximum use of pseudonymization, especially for inactive accounts.
  • Covering the vast majority of the Network system by automated acceptance tests to ensure its functionality is correct.


In view of the above, we are not aware of the serious risks of unauthorized or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized access to, or unauthorized access to, transmitted, stored or otherwise processed personal data.

The information in this section has been written by the Provider within his / her best capabilities and capabilities to inform members. The rights in this section of the Terms of Service do not apply to legal entities. For full text, see Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016. These rights do not affect the implementation of Directive 2000/31 / EC, in particular Articles 12-15.