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Libraries for PHP - Online course

Learn the means to create simple PHP libraries in this online course which will make the work you already love so much easier.

23 lessons

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Introduction to libraries and frameworks for PHP
DateUtils library for formatting date and time in PHP
Finishing DateUtils library for PHP
StringUtils library for working with texts in PHP
Finishing StringUtils library for PHP
ArrayUtils library for working with arrays in PHP
Finishing ArrayUtils library for PHP
Building form framework for PHP - Motivation
Building form framework for PHP - HtmlBuilder
FormControl - Parent of form controls in PHP
Finishing the FormControl class in PHP
Form framework for PHP - InputBox
Form framework for PHP - Form
Form framework in PHP - Finishing the basic concept
Form framework for PHP - Testing and finishing the form
Form framework for PHP - CheckBox and TextArea
Form framework for PHP - ListBox and ComboBox
Form framework for PHP - DateTimePicker
Form framework for PHP - CheckList
Form framework for PHP - RadioGroup and FileBox
Form framework for PHP - Improvements
Image library for working with images in PHP
Finishing the Image library for PHP
Test data generator for PHP - Design, entities and the core
Test data generator for PHP - Building a wrapper
Test data generator for PHP - Entities and relations