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Testing in PHP - Online course

Learn PHP testing, unit tests, acceptance tests, testing web applications using Selenium, data mocking, stubbing, and more in this online course.

23 lessons

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Introduction to web application testing in PHP
Introduction to unit tests in PHP and PHPUnit installation
PHP Testing - Finishing Unit Tests
-35% PHPUnit DataProvider and BestPractices
-35% PHP Testing - Xdebug and coverage reports
-35% Dependency Injection and Test doubles
-35% MockBuilder and mock / stub methods
-35% Fake, Codeception Stub and AspectMock
-35% Unit Tests of Commercial Applications I
-35% Unit tests of Commercial Applications II
-35% Unit tests of Commercial Applications III
-35% Introduction to acceptance tests in PHP and creating GUI
-35% PHP testing - Creating Selenium acceptance tests
-35% PhpBrowser vs. WebDriver and Selenium server configuration
-35% PHP Testing - Selenium WebDriver syntax overview
-35% PHP Testing - More Selenium WebDriver Syntax
-35% PHP Testing - Useful AcceptanceTester class extensions
-35% PHP Testing - Acceptance tests of commercial applications I
-35% PHP Testing - Acceptance tests of commercial applications II
-35% PHP Testing - Quality Assurance, CAN PIG RIDE, and ISTQB
-35% PHP Testing - Business Standards and Usability
-35% PHP Testing - Performance testing using cloud services
-35% PHP Testing - Practicing Apache JMeter