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32 years old

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I work as a software architect and a mentor on the ICT.social network (and its regional variants). Occasionally, I teach programming languages as well, inclu... ... Read more

Unicorn university David learned IT at the Unicorn University - a prestigious college providing education on IT and economics.

There is already 8 MB of text in the ICT.social's database. It doesn't sound much, but when you consider that plain text doesn't occupy almost any space at all, it's a hell of work!

Network roles: ICT.social team, Accountant, Administrator, Editor in chief, Chief, System core developer, Team leader, Translator, Autoredactor, Instructor, News director, Super redactor, Redactor, Supermoderator, Moderator, Owner, Competition organizer, Request manager, Human resource manager, Marketing manager, Award manager, Member

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Czech Republic, Hlavní město Praha. Find colleagues

Favorite IDE, Editor
PHPStorm, Visual Studio, NetBeans IDE, Geany
HW configuration
Desktop intel i5, Asus Zenbook ultrabook
Favorite TV shows/movies
Fight Club, The Simpsons, movies from Q. Tarantino, Underworld, Batman
Favorite music
The Offspring, Green Day, Drum'n'bass, Linkin Park
Isaac Asimov


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