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Shift added article Introduction to Working With Files in Python.
This tutorial introduces to working with files in the Windows OS, explains write rights and UAC, and shows the use of appdata for our application's data.
Filip Smolík added article Finishing Our City Database using MS Excel Files in C# .NET.
In the C# .NET tutorial we'll finish our simple city database using MS Excel files. We'll learn how to write to these files and how to read from them.
Yesterday 16:30
Lesson 4 - Birthday Reminder - Logic Layer from Aayam Bhattarai
Shouldn't the string variable under the class person be "Name" instead of "Person" in the code snippet??
Yesterday 7:16
Vlasta Řenčová added article More on Conditions in JavaScript.
In this JavaScript tutorial we'll see a casting table and master the switch construct with fallthrough and the ternary operator.
9. June 13:56
Aleksa Aleksic has achieved a good result in a test HTML and CSS
8. June 5:32
Filip Smolík added article Working With MS Excel Documents Using OpenXML SDK in C# .NET.
In the C# .NET tutorial, we'll learn to work with MS Excel files using the OpenXML SDK library, which we'll use for a small city database.
7. June 13:21
Filip Smolík added article Working With Our Own Files in C# 4 - Registry, UAC And Icons.
In the tutorial, we'll describe how to work with the registry in C#, force the system to display a UAC elevation prompt, and change icons.
3. June 12:41
Lesson 2 - Variables, type system and parsing in Kotlin from Riki Cook
This is beautifully written, you were born to teach!
31. May 2:12
Lesson 1 - Introduction to PHP and web applications from Ebubechukwu Gideon
Good job man. Keep it up
30. May 16:25
Shift added article Exceptions in Python.
This tutorial introduces exceptions in Python, try-except blocks, the "finally" construct and "with" notation. Serves as a preparation for file operations.
30. May 16:22
Shift added article Iterators, Generators and Some Functions in Python.
In this tutorial we'll take a look at iterators and generators. We'll also deepen our knowledge of comprehensions and learn a few built-in functions.
29. May 16:56
Shift added article Files and I/O in Python.
This online course will guide you through working with files in Python. We'll discuss exceptions and formats like txt, csv, xml and binary files.
28. May 21:32
Shift added article Python Collections - Tuples and Lists.
In this article, we'll learn in depth how to work with tuples and lists in Python, their operators and methods and, of course, list comprehension.
28. May 21:01
Solved tasks for Visual Basic .NET lesson 5 from Gareth Jones
I found the answer to the issue: Case Is < 0R Case Is = 0R The Key word "Is" must be used with relational op...
28. May 9:02
Solved tasks for Visual Basic .NET lesson 5 from Gareth Jones
I forgot to make it clear FirstRoot and SecondRoot variables were declared after earlier on in the code. Basialy it i...
28. May 7:24
Solved tasks for Visual Basic .NET lesson 5 from Gareth Jones
The above code does not work when you input a=2 b=4 c=2 The select case d<0 is selected!! What is going on ple...
28. May 7:16
Solved tasks for Visual Basic .NET lesson 5 from Gareth Jones
If a <> 0 Then Dim d As Double = (b ^ 2) - (4 * a * c) Select Case d ...
28. May 7:14
Filip Smolík added article Working With Our Own Files in C# 3 - Exceptions And More.
The tutorial describes error handling in applications working with more advanced files in C# .NET. We'll look at opening files by double-clicking and more.
24. May 13:32
Shift added article Collections in Python.
The tutorials in this section focus on different types of collections in Python.
24. May 8:00
Shift added article Common Python Beginner Mistakes - Do You Make Them Too?.
In this Python lesson, we'll go through good practices regarding collections naming, bool expressions, DRY etc. and how they are frequently done wrong.
23. April 12:23
Shift added article Common Python beginner mistakes - Can you name variables?.
In this Python lesson, we'll go through good practices of naming variables, and how they are frequently done wrong.
23. April 12:01
Filip Smolík added article Tuple and ValueTuple in C# .NET.
In the C# .NET tutorial we'll introduce the ValueTuple structure and the Tuple class, including the complete syntax and examples.
5. March 14:19
Filip Smolík added article Records in C# .NET.
The C# .NET tutorial is about records - a reference type that provides pre-made methods for ensuring equality of values.
1. March 13:29
Radek Vymetalik added article More on C# conditions.
In this C# .NET tutorial, we'll learn the ternary operator & the switch with falling-through, thus completing the syntax of the conditions.
5. February 6:39
Radek Vymetalik added article More on C# loops.
In this tutorial we'll expand our knowledge of loops in C# .NET with the do-while loop, keywords break, continue and the abbreviated version of for loop.
5. February 6:16
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