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Lesson 22 - PHP Testing - Performance testing using cloud services

In the previous lesson, PHP Testing - Business Standards and Usability, we completed the theory about testing, talking about terms such as business standards, validation vs. verification, UX vs. UI, and the like. We're getting to the very end of our comprehensive online testing in PHP course. We're heading to the stress tests to help us determine whether our application will work for a given number of users using it simultaneously and eventually, to find out the places for optimization. This is undoubtedly very important, as when the application is deployed on the production environment, we usually don't want to discover it went down due to the number of requests and start investigating why and where this happens while our business is out of order :) In today's and the next tutorial, we're also going to test our calculator in 2 popular tools.

Stress tests

Stress tests or performance tests can either indicate one type of test, but this concept is usually understood as a whole family of different tests. Of course, they have in common that they're testing our applications under some stress. These are tests for non-functional requirements, typically performance tests, ones for production hardware specifications, response, or availability. We can be interested in different information and stress the application in different ways.

Typically, we distinguish between the following types of performance tests:


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This tutorial will introduce performance testing. We'll learn to test that our PHP application can handle a given number of users working simultaneously,

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