Lesson 11 - Enhancing the wrapper and editor

In the previous lesson, The flash-message mechanism, we added a flash message mechanism to the system, which displays messages to users. In today's tutorial, we'll start working on the administration section. Since it's a rather complicated thing, it will take up several lessons. On the bright side, you'll get a solid and simple CMS with everything one should contain. It will undoubtedly serve you as the base for any website you could want/need to build.

Improving the database wrapper

Earlier, we made a Db class that wraps the PDO driver and lets us work with the database in an object-oriented way from anywhere in the application. We promised that this class would serve as a so-called CRUD. Meaning that it provides methods that facilitate creating, reading, updating and deleting data in the database. Theoretically, we could use the wrapper as it is now even to execute INSERT and UPDATE clauses. However, it'd be rather uncomfortable to do so. Therefore, we'll add some more useful methods for inserting and updating rows.


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In this tutorial, we'll extend the database wrapper with INSERT and UPDATE methods, and start working on the article editor for our object-oriented CMS.

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