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Lesson 19 - Events in VB.NET

In the previous exercise, Solved tasks for OOP in VB .NET lessons 17-18, we've practiced our knowledge from previous lessons.

In the previous lesson, Solved tasks for OOP in VB .NET lessons 17-18, we learned about delegates in Visual Basic .NET. In today's tutorial, we're going to go over what events are. This lesson will help you understand how event handling in (windows) form applications works and how to create events in your classes.


Sometimes, we need to respond to an event in the program. A great practical example is form applications. When we click on a button, a handler method is called and performs an action. We could come up with many events, e.g. minimizing the window, moving the mouse or even losing the internet connection. Without knowledge of event principles, or even delegates, we would probably still be able to create an application of the sort anyway. However, it would be very confusing and most would likely make it difficult to add or modify events.


An event is a delegate with one extra feature


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In this tutorial, we'll introduce events and the EventHandler delegate in Visual Basic. As an example, we will have a listener react to instance changes.

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