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React Basics - Online course

An online course in the popular JavaScript library React, which enables easy creation of applications with a fat client.

Do you already know JavaScript and want to learn how to work with the React library, thanks to which you can get a really fabulous salary? So embark on this online course and learn everything you need!

What will the React course teach you?

The online course Basics of React will introduce you to the popular JavaScript library developed by Facebook. React knowledge is highly sought after and valued in the labor market today. So React is definitely worth learning!

At first, React may seem a bit confusing, but don't worry, you'll learn everything soon. We will show you step by step how the React library is actually built, how to write a simple application, what components are, and how to work with them, which you will try with the example of a simple React calculator.

A lot of fun (and also hard work) will start with the Database Client project in React, which is already more extensive and also much more demanding than a calculator. However, they will teach you everything you need. We will prepare the project in peace, then we will start communication with the API, create navigation and overview of records, prepare data and shared constants, program link parameters, record detail, universal form inputs, and finally a form component for film and personalities. Of course, we'll add creating, editing, and deleting items, as well as filtering components.