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E-learning - Web application programmer PHP Laravel

PHP Laravel
Web app. programmer

Complete e-learning course with practical examples and online certification, which will perfectly prepare you for an IT job as Web application programmer.

What will you do as a PHP Web application Programmer?

The job of a PHP web application programmer is to create web applications and develop projects from microsites to e-shops. Do you want to master the most popular technologies today? Then this position is exactly for you.

PHP basic constructs

Course: 15 lessons, 21 tasks

FREE, PRO from: $6.30
Databases in PHP for beginners

Course: 7 lessons

More about MySQL

Course: 13 lessons

FREE, PRO from: $4.50
Object-oriented programming in PHP

Course: 26 lessons, 24 tasks

FREE, PRO from: $18
Object-Oriented Design in UML and PHP

Course: 14 lessons

FREE, PRO from: $7.20
Simple object-oriented CMS in PHP (MVC)

Course: 13 lessons

FREE, PRO from: $3.60
Libraries for PHP

Course: 23 lessons

FREE, PRO from: $11.70
Best Software Design Practices for PHP
Make Your First Website, Step by Step!

Course: 17 lessons, 18 tasks

FREE, PRO from: $4.50

Course: 27 lessons

JavaScript Basic Constructs

Course: 18 lessons, 21 tasks

FREE, PRO from: $6.30