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E-learning - Junior programmer PHP

Junior programmer

Complete e-learning course with practical examples and online certification, which will perfectly prepare you for an IT job as a junior PHP programmer.

What will you do as a PHP Junior Programmer?

The job of a PHP junior programmer is to create web applications and develop projects from microsites to e-shops. Do you want to master the most popular technologies today? Then this position is exactly for you.

Select your framework

Companies in PHP usually use a package of ready-made libraries, which simplifies the work, the so-called framework. Choose who you want to work with, or choose the recommended option:

  • Laravel - The most popular PHP framework in the world
  • Symfony - Popular PHP framework, often cited as an alternative to Laravel
  • Clean PHP (without framework) - Without a framework, it is advisable to develop one larger project, which will then not be affected by changes in the framework