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Lesson 33 - Toast Notifications in C# .NET WPF

In the last lesson, Animations in C# .NET - Path Animations, Definitions & More, we introduced path animations and showed various definitions of animations in XAML and Code Behind and how to execute them.

Thanks to NuGet library packages, the WPF platform offers a large number of components. One of these components is Toast Notifications. Surely you've seen pop-ups before that appear in the lower right corner of the screen. Sometimes they're "annoying" and sometimes they display important information to the user. These are windows from various applications that may contain advertisements, some application runtime messages or processing results. And today's lesson is dedicated to these windows.

There are two types of these notifications:

  • Standard - Standard notifications are information or warning windows, etc.
  • User - These notifications are fully defined by us and we can completely customize their appearance.

We'll gradually create 2 applications here. One will be with standard notifications and the other with user notifications.

Standard Toast Notifications

First, we'll create a new WPF project in Visual Studio and name it e.g. ExampleTN. In order to create those notifications, we must first install appropriate libraries. We'll do this as follows.

The Packages

Right-click on the References folder in the Solution Explorer and select Manage NuGet packages.


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