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Minecraft 2D Editor

With this app you can build your buildings / structures much faster.

Please test and suggest further improvements.

How to use

  1. Download MK Minecraft Editor
  2. Extract and launch
  3. Create your awesome structure and save it to: %appdata%/.mi­necraft/bin/mk/
  4. Copy both files from MK_Mod to Minecraft.jar (%appdata%/.Mi­necraft/bin/Mi­necraft.jar)
  5. In the game, type in the console: /mk build yourStructure.mkmo

P.S. As addition to this application I've created a universal and simple to use Update Service that you can use in your applications. Source code can be found here. The documentation will be completed in the next few days.


Program was created in 2013.



By downloading the following file, you agree to the license terms

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Application includes source codes in language C# .NET


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