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ASCII Art Generator in WPF

The program automatically creates the so-called ASCII art (image representation consisting of characters) from any input image. The ideal input is a 1 to 1 aspect ratio bitmap, with high acutance, sufficient contrast, and clearly distinguished background from the motif that shows obvious details, such as face details. In all cases, the input bitmap will be scaled to the 160 x 160 size while maintaining the aspect ratio.

To each pixel of the input image is assigned a pair of predefined characters based on the pixel brightness value. The program works with total of 41 brightness levels. The output is ASCII text displayed in the application window, which can be zoomed in the range of 25 - 200%. The output can also be exported as a PNG bitmap or as a TXT file.

For example, a TXT file can be copied into a text editor, if the document is of sufficient size (approx. 50 x 50 cm) and small sized Consolas font is selected, to display the text correctly.

To demonstrate the function of the program, a set of several sample pictures is available.


Program was created in 2018.



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