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Lesson 21 - Audio/Video Player in C# and WPF - New Features

In the previous lesson, Audio/Video Player in C# and WPF - Appearance Customization, we improved the look of our WPF audio and video player. Today we're going to add new features that we'd expect from a typical player. Those are:

  • skip forward and backward
  • change the playback speed
  • change the volume

Let's start with a motivational picture of how the app will look after today's lesson:

Skipping and speed and volume change of video playback in C# .NET WPF

To implement these functions, we'll use other MediaElement properties such as: Position, SpeedRatio, and Volume. Next, we'll add a DispatcherTimer to display the current playback time and move the slider.

Note: As the form's design and code are already getting bigger, I'll no longer put the entire code here, but only samples of individual parts. You can download the entire code below as the attached app.

Skip backward and forward

We'll start with shifting the current playback position. We'll add buttons for forwarding and rewinding, and an indicator (Slider), which will show us the playback progress, and can also be used to shift the video. We'll also display the video's length, the current


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In this C# .NET tutorial, we'll provide our WPF audio/video player with a function to skip the video and to change the playback speed and volume.

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