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Lesson 19 - Audio/Video Player in C# and WPF - Code Improvements

In the previous lesson, Audio/Video Player in C# and WPF - Basis, we created a simple audio/video player. In today's C# .NET WPF tutorial, we're going to make improvements to the code as promised.

Let's play with the buttons. We'll disable the play, pause, and close buttons when the application starts and the file isn't selected yet. This is a nice mechanism that you will certainly use in other applications. It's much more user-friendly when the button can't be clicked, rather than it just doesn't do anything and it's not certain whether it's an error or not. At the same time, we could remove the pause button and merge it with the play button.

We could also divide the source code into regions to improve readability. To do this, we use the


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In this tutorial, we'll add code to deactivate the player buttons according to its current status, and divide handler methods in Code Behind into regions.

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