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Random Image Generator in C# .NET

A simple application that generates 27 different types of 640x480 images. It contains the following image types that can be used:

  1. noise
  2. random lines
  3. horizontal lines
  4. vertical lines
  5. audio
  6. glow
  7. oblique lines
  8. rain
  9. bezier curve
  10. circles
  11. rectangles
  12. randomly rotated squares
  13. triangles
  14. random polygons
  15. text characters (random characters in different places)
  16. chart
  17. grid
  18. "grid" of circles
  19. abstractly filled grid (as in the picture)
  20. second grid
  21. small tiles
  22. frames
  23. sinusoids
  24. snow
  25. flaming frame with strikethrough :-D
  26. music notes
  27. tiles


Program was created in 2013.



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