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AP - Advanced Painting

As the title says, it's an advanced painting. Beside the basic tools such as pencil, can, shapes, etc., it also provides work with layers and filters (blur, focus, sepia and so on ...).

I work on the project myself (I also created the icons), using only the standard C# library. There's also quite primitive documentation available (can be opened in the program via Help -> Help).


The application was created for the summer 2017 competition. summer 2017 programming competition - C# .NET Community Projects - Windows Forms Applications
  • David Capka (9 points) - A painting tool that competes with Paint.NET, Pinta, and of course MS Paint. I highly praise the documentation and sophisticated filters with nice icons, possibly created in this painting program :) I give you just 9 points, because I miss the option to set the brush thickness and the magnifier tool. Overall, very good job.
  • Lucie Hartingerova (10 points) - Excellent job! Easy to operate, lots of editing options and great filters. The only thing I would add is the magnifier tool. Otherwise great!
  • Tomas Bitter (9 points) - Cool application. It definitely can do things that MS Paint already should do. But it'd be great if the canvas could be centered in the middle of the window, but everything else looks fine.


Program was created in 2017.



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Application includes source codes in language C# .NET


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