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Matrix or “Matrix Rain” is a program that randomly generates characters and prints them in console. More detailed description of the program and explanation is attached to the source code.

Code sample:

/* setting up console title */
Console.Title = "Matrix";

/* cursor disabling */
Console.CursorVisible = false;

/* setting up text color */
Console.ForegroundColor = ConsoleColor.DarkGreen;

/* setting up position from left to 0 */
Console.WindowLeft = 0;

/* setting up position from top to 0 */
Console.WindowTop = 0;

/* (setting up console height)... console height = buffer height = "maximal" window height */
Console.WindowHeight = Console.BufferHeight = Console.LargestWindowHeight;

/* (setting up console width)... console width = buffer width = "maximal" window width */
Console.WindowWidth = Console.BufferWidth = Console.LargestWindowWidth;



Program was created in 2012.



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