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Lesson 14 - A mage for the C++ arena

In the previous lesson, Inheritance in C++, we explained what inheritance is and how to use it. In today's C++ tutorial, we'll create a Mage class to be added to the arena later.

Creating the mage

Before we even get to coding, we'll think about what the mage should be capable of doing. The mage will work just like a warrior, but on top of health, he will also have mana. At first, the mana will be full. When it is, the mage can perform a magic attack which will have a higher damage than a normal attack, depending on how we set it. This attack will bring his mana down to 0. The mana will increase by 25 every round and the mage would only be able to perform regular attacks. Once the mana is full, he'll be able to use his magic attack again. The mana will be displayed using a graphical indicator just like the health bar.

Let's create a Mage class, inherit it from the Warrior class and give it extra fields (that warriors don't have). We'll also add getters.



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In our object-oriented C++ application, we'll use inheritance and program a mage to add him to our arena.

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