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Forum: C and C++

A discussion forum about programming in the C and C++ languages. The ANSI C, C++ builder, Visual C++, Visual Studio etc.

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Online C++ Compiler with WinAPI?
3 reactions, 12. October, JensenBreck
312. OctoberJensenBreck
C Program Error in Development of Love Clculator
1 reactions, 11. October, Gaurav Negi
111. OctoberGaurav Negi
Typecasting an Array
1 reactions, 19. April, Kiran Kumar
119. AprilKiran Kumar
Need help in solving pascal triangle problem
1 reactions, 7/30/2018, Patrica M...
17/30/2018Patrica M...
What is the best algorithm to do a face recognition in op...
1 reactions, 12/23/2017, JensenBreck
Functions C++ - Error in the output of my code
0 reactions, 12/13/2017, JensenBreck
Can anyone help me understand what my errors mean?
2 reactions, 12/2/2017, JensenBreck
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