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JensenBreck:12/6/2017 1:13

Does any know an online compiler that support WinAPI?
I'm trying to make a basic GUI. WinAPI seems to be good for simplicity on Windows programs. I'm on a Chromebook which has an Enterprise lock on it so I can't install Linux or any extensions. That's why I pretty much have to use an online compiler. I have a Windows 8.1 computer but I don't have access to it at school, which is where I'm at all day and have time to do these things.
Extra Question: Does Visual Studio include windows.h?
Please help.
I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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12/6/2017 1:13
Jindrich Maca
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Jindrich Maca:12/6/2017 10:19

Hi, I'm affraid these things are so complex, that there doesn't exist such compiler. Main reason is, that this requires grafical window output. There are many good online compilers for C/C++ code, even for Visual C++ (, btw. it (Visual Studio) contains windows.h library as it's part of the operation system, but these compilers are just for console applications I/O.

So my recomendation for your problem would be to install some remote desktop control tool (e.g.…fmihenigjmpp) and if there is good internet connection in your school, you can program with ease from there via Chromebook, on your home Windows PC. ;)

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12/6/2017 10:19
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