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Lesson 13 - iOS weather forecast app - GUI and basic classes

In the previous lesson, iOS ToDo app in Swift - Database migrations and sorting, we finished a ToDo app for iOS that uses a database.

In today's Swift tutorial, we're going to create a simple weather forecast app. The app will determine the user's location, search for the current weather using a web service based on this location, and display it. As a bonus, we'll have a look at saving data to UserDefaults, which is going to be useful for individual weather values. Also, we'll learn to save and load images.

Have a look at this motivational image:

iOS app for weather forecast via web service

On today's project, we'll show how to download data from the Internet and process it in our app. A lot of apps in your phone work on a similar principle; social network services, chats, cloud services and more. The online high-score of a game can be implemented like this as well. An important part of these apps is the communication with the server, i.e. receiving and sending data.

After you finish this tutorial, you'll know all the basic principles for creating various apps.

Data source

We'll receive the data via


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In this Swift tutorial, we'll learn how to get the current weather from a web service JSON API, process the data and display them to the user. Lots of fun!

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