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Lesson 16 - iOS Weather Forecast App - Final Modifications

In the previous lesson, iOS Weather Forecast App - The UserDefaults storage, we modified our iOS weather forecast app in Swift, to cache values into the UserDefaults storage.

Final modifications

The app is now finished, however we can still improve it by adding several features.

Saving the image

There's a little problem with the image. OpenWeatherMap provides us with just a small resolution so the image is blurry. We could solve this by shrinking the image, or alternatively we could download different icons, name them using the same codes, add them to the project, and display them.

Even a bigger issue is that the image isn't available when using the saved data. Let's have a look at how to save the image to a file and display it again. Let's add the StorageHelper class to the project. It'll contain methods for saving and loading images. This is how it looks like:


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In this Swift tutorial, we'll finish the iOS weather app by saving the image, loading the data when opening the app, and adding a loading indicator.

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