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The Bridge pattern is a design pattern whose basic principle is to separate a changing (unstable) interface from a changing implementation of this interface. The Adapter design pattern deals with a similar idea, however, it separates a predefined stable interface from an implementation which changes from time to time. Bridge expects that both the implementation of a system component and the abstract interface the client is using to work with this component will change. It builds an imaginary "bridge" between these varying parts. This is one of the more complicated design patterns, let's go through it :)


Larger information systems are separated into modules which can be developed by different development teams. If two communicating modules often change over time, it makes sense to build an abstract interface on both sides so that changing the interface of one module doesn't force the second module to adapt to this change and vice versa.


You've probably already read somewhere on our network that interfaces are especially used in more complex projects. Bridge defines not one, but two interfaces at one place in the application, making it really suitable for robust projects. It introduces the following interfaces:


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The Bridge pattern separates an unstable interface from an unstable implementation of this interface. Unlike Adapter, it assumes changes on both sides.

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