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vivitern:12/28/2017 22:48

I have a python file that I want to run on the board. Hence I want to embed the python interpreter (written in C) in the board. I managed to write separate C project that runs the Python file. It compiles and runs as I want to. Here's the makefile for same. TM4c1294XL;…C1294XL.html

CFLAGS=-I python3.5 -I config -I . -c -w
LDFLAGS= -lpython3.5m -lpthread -ldl -lutil -lm -Xlinker -export-dynamic -Wl,-O1 -Wl,-Bsymbolic-functions

all: classifier trainer test link

$(CC) $(CFLAGS) test.c

trainer: Trainer.c
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) Trainer.c
$(CC) Trainer.o $(LDFLAGS) -o Trainer

classifier: Classifier.c
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) Classifier.c
# $(CC) Classifier.o $(LLFLAGS) -o Classifier

$(CC) test.o Classifier.o $(LDFLAGS) -o test

rm -f Trainer.o Trainer Classifier.o Classifier is my entire directory of project "hello" (It is not the one from the examples).

I included "Classifier.h" in my "hello.c" and I am getting the following errors:"":

Compiler include options (No preincludes):

Linker file search paths:


Am I wrong with some of my configurations? Or is this some problem with python interpreter? Any help is greatly appreciated

As @KevinDTimm suggested, the problem is that there is no pyconfig.h for my environment. This file is required by python to define important variables like source of system clock. I tried removing safety checks in existing pyconfig.h. The first error I am getting is in pytime.h as :

"_PyTime_t need signed 64-bit integer type"
Which was further because of the following code block:

#ifdef PY_INT64_T
/* _PyTime_t: Python timestamp with subsecond precision. It can be used to
store a duration, and so indirectly a date (related to another date, like
UNIX epoch). */
typedef PY_INT64_T _PyTime_t;
#define _PyTime_MIN PY_LLONG_MIN
#define _PyTime_MAX PY_LLONG_MAX
# error "_PyTime_t need signed 64-bit integer type"
It appears to me that it needs a variable that stores time. I need help in assigning that variable.

12/28/2017 22:48
User has been banned:27. February 4:47

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27. February 4:47
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