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Discussion: What Size Is Bell Youth Bike Helmet?

ShaneClark:9. April 8:30

If you have child cyclists in your family, you will be glad to know the reviews helmets for users of all ages. Bell also recognizes this fact and produces helmets for different age groups. For example, Bell has youth helmets for children. As with other helmets, you must choose the right size for your child for maximum protection. 

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An Overview of Helmet Sizing and Significance 

A helmet protects you best if it fits you properly. Your helmet only fits properly if it is the right size. Helmet size matters since people have different head shapes and sizes. For example, your child likely has a smaller head size than you. 

Manufacturers base helmet sizes on the side of the head, specifically the circumference. The right helmet should fit you snugly without putting too much pressure on your head. Otherwise, you will develop fatigue during long rides. The right helmet should also not be loose. Otherwise, it might slip while cycling, increasing your risk of injuries.

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Manufacturers produce helmets of different sizes, so anyone can find a suitable size. In most cases, manufacturers like Bell categorize their helmets by age group. For example, there are children, youth, and adult helmets. However, there are also different helmet sizes within these groups.

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Reviewing Sizes of Bell Youth Bike Helmets 

Bell has multiple categories for its youth bike helmets: small (S), extra small (XS), and universal. The extra small sizes range from 19.25 to 20.7 inches (49 – 53 cm). The small sizes range from 20 to 21.5 inches (51 – 55cm). The universal size helmets range from 20 to 22 inches (52 – 56 cm).

If you have child cyclists, their head size likely falls within these ranges. Thus, you can get the child a suitable helmet for cycling to school, enjoying motocross, or for those lovely family outings. According to the Helmet Gurus, no one should ride without a helmet, irrespective of age. After all, a cyclist can fall and suffer head injuries at any age.

Note that the universal youth bike helmet covers many head sizes. Bell produces universal youth helmets since it understands head shapes and size variations occur. For example, the circumference of your child’s head increases if he or she grows his or her hair. The child may still be able to use the same helmet if they have a universal one.

Sizing and Fitting a Youth Bike Helmet 

Knowing a helmet size is insufficient; you must still measure the child’s head properly to ensure a good fit. Use a flexible measuring tape to measure your child’s head at its widest point. For many children, the widest part of the head is just above the eyebrows. You may need to take the several times for maximum accuracy. 

Compare the measurement’s figures to Bell’s size chart. You can find the size chart on the Bell’s website or in the local bike accessory stores. Choose a size that corresponds to the child’s head size as measured.

Whenever the child wants to ride, place the helmet on their head and adjust it properly. A good adjustment means the helmet doesn’t move from side to side, slip, or feel too tight. If your child is old enough, teach him or her to adjust the helmet properly so they can safely ride even if you are not around.

Hopefully, you now have a good understanding of Bell bike helmet sizes for youths. Check out the Helmet Gurus for other things to consider when choosing helmets. The site also has reviews to help you choose high-quality helmets.

9. April 8:30
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