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Discussion: Simplify the game in War Thunder

Jacson Combos
Jacson Combos:2. February 6:52

How can you make playing War Thunder easier? I'm looking for tips and tricks on setting up or changing options to make the gameplay easier and more enjoyable for me. Can you share practical steps or tips for beginners?

2. February 6:52
Wiliams:2. February 7:44

Hello! If you want to make the game easier, start by choosing a lower difficulty level and adjusting the graphics and control settings to suit your preferences, or switch to the War Thunder cheat. Complete the in-game tutorial to learn the basics. Explore forums and resources where experienced players share tips and strategies. Experiment with different types of equipment and tactics. By following these steps you can make the game more enjoyable and suitable for your play style. Good luck on the battlefields!

Edited 2. February 7:45
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2. February 7:44
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