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Discussion: Reasonable to use PhoneGap for my Project?

JensenBreck:11/30/2017 0:55

i've just started developing an android app. Since there will be the need of an iOS and Windows Mobile version i was wondering, if it is reasonable to use PhoneGap.

Here are the main functions of my current android app:

  • Receiving messages from Server (Google Cloud Messaging)
  • Show message depending on message type (show as notification, toast, activity, ...)
  • Send data to a server (HTTP-Server, POST-Request), like "ok clicked" or "no clicked"

Most of the messages are time-critical. So the delay between outgoing message on Server-side and incoming message on client-side needs to be as small as possible.

I haven't work with PhoneGap before so i don't know if it is reasonable to develop my app in it.

Does someone has some experiences with PhoneGap?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.


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11/30/2017 0:55
Replies to JensenBreck
David Capka Hartinger:11/30/2017 13:43

Hi Jensen, I think it's very reasonable to use Phone gap/Cordova for these intends. You might want to consider React Native as an alternative, it's quite popular now and it should be even faster. The choice depends on your needs and knowledge. You can find many comparisons on the internet, I found this one useful -…e-to-cordova

Edited 11/30/2017 17:30
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11/30/2017 13:43
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oliverbeth321:10/11/2022 2:01

I don't use these apps in my phone or laptop, instead I have streaming apps like streaming digitally and netflix to enjoy my time.So, that I don't have to look for where to watch the winchesters or other movies at that time.

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10/11/2022 2:01
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