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Petr Čech
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25 years old

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Primarily I'm interested in programming in C# for both desktop and Android (via Xamarin) and occasionally in Java for LEGO NXT. I don't particularly fancy Java and PHP as languages, but I still use them, specifically PHP along with Nette framework for making websites. I'm a fan of Android and Microsoft (and of Windows), but I still have a reasonable experience with Linux (Ubuntu). I'm a perfectionist.

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Czech Republic, Jihočeský kraj, České Budějovice. Find colleagues

Favorite IDE, Editor
Visual Studio, PhpStorm, Sublime Text
HW configuration
Intel core i5 4460, MSI GTX 960 gaming 2G, 1TB HDD+ 120GB SSD
Favorite TV shows/movies
Rick and Morty, Gravity, Ex machina, Apollo 13
Favorite music
Jazz, Electroswing, classical
The Collector, Hitchhikers's Guide to the Galaxy, Da Vinci Code, The Martian, Písně kosmické


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