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Discussion: PHP MVC - Can't delete cookie


:5/3/2017 10:09

Hello i'm building my own simple MVC framework. When I tried to create login page all worked - session all ok. But when I try to work with cookies, it doesn't work. Exactly deleting cookie don't work. :( Please help me, i can't find any solutions on google. File code where I'm trying to delete cookie:

class HomeController extends Controller {

    function __construct(){
        $this->view = 'testView';

    public function index($params){
            echo "cookie exists";
        } else{
                    setcookie('logged', true, time()+3600);

    public function logout($params){
        setcookie('logged', null, time()-3600);


My whole code


5/3/2017 10:09
David Capka team
Replies to
David Capka:5/3/2017 12:41

If you're not on local server, the problem can be your website is using pretty urls so you have to specify other parameters of the setcookie() method like this:

setcookie('logged', 'true', time() + 3600, '/', '', null, true);

Also notice specifying the last parameter to protect the cookies from being stolen using XSS attack.

However, I think you want to use sessions, we don't usually use cookies for logging in/out. Cookies can be used for permanent login, but not for the core mechanism.

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5/3/2017 12:41
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