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Lesson 14 - Simple CMS in Laravel - User model

In the last lesson, Simple CMS in Laravel - Finalizing contact form, we created a controller and routes for the contact form and showed how email messaging works in Laravel.

In today's tutorial, we will move on to the expected creation of a user system. We will take a closer look at what the framework already offers us in the basics, explain other possibilities of Eloquent models and finally define a class for creating test data.

So far, we have more or less created the functionality of our content management system ourselves. However, this time it is a slightly different case. Laravel already basically defines the logic of user registration, login, password reset and email address validation. If the Laravel UI package is also used, we can also have views generated for the mentioned components. Following on from the previous parts, we will also deal in depth with the framework so that we do not have to re-create the given parts of the web application, but on the contrary, we can modify them as we wish. We will improve our knowledge and accelerate the development itself :)


Let's start with the migration, which, like the


...End of the preview...
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In this lesson, we'll explore the PHP framework Laravel in more depth, explain what seeders are and create a class for creating test data.

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