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Lesson 19 - Simple CMS in Laravel - Logout

In the previous lesson, Simple CMS in Laravel - Notifications, we showed notifications in the Laravel framework and looked at the already defined functionality of the user login process.

In today's lesson we will edit the login view, add routes, edit the main template and direct the pages correctly.


We have already explained the login process, so we have no choice but to throw ourselves into its front-end part, i.e. the view.


Like the other user system views we modified in the previous lessons, the login.blade.php view is located in the resources/views/auth/ folder. We also had it generated using the Artisan command ui:auth the Laravel UI library. Therefore, we now need to adapt it to our template. Its content is as follows:


...End of the preview...
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In this lesson of the Laravel framework, we will complete the entire user system by editing the login view, adding routes and editing the main template.

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