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Lesson 43 - E-shop in PHP - Editing orders

In the previous lesson, E-shop in PHP - PDF invoice template, we finished generating invoices. In today's tutorial, we'll start working on the order administration which is the last feature our e-shop is still missing.

I'm glad you've made it so far and that I'm able to program this final feature with you. We will implement a very real form which is not in any textbook. However, it is present in many business applications. It will look like the following:

Order-management form

The form looks like an invoice and we should be able to change:

  • Invoice details (issue date, due date) - Changing the invoice details is trivial and we can do so using a form with a few fields.
  • Customer details (name, address, ...) - However, changing customer details is not as simple since they're split up into multiple database tables. We'll use the pre-existing person administration to do so. This is why we'll learn to use another form with the help of the jQuery UI dialog.
  • Ordered products - Changing the ordered products is the hardest part. To make a truly effective tool, we'll have to add dynamic administration for the customer's cart using AJAX, including real-time order recounting.


Let's start with models as we always do.


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In this tutorial, we'll design the order management part for e-shop administrators and prepare the controller for it as well.

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