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Online courses for the popular JavaScript library React and React Native.

Do you already know the basics of JavaScript, OOP and Node.js ? Do you want to learn how to work with a framework that is buzzing today? Then take a look at React courses! The demand for React developers is very high, so you certainly will be wanted!

6 lessons

What will you learn in the courses?

Currently, you will find two online courses on ICTdemy, which will give you everything you need to start working with React. In the course React Basics, you will learn to work with components, JSX, and databases. In the end, you will have a classic project of a simple calculator and a more advanced film database, where you will primarily gain comprehensive knowledge that can lead you to the position of React developer!

We also offer the React Native course. If React excited and appealed to you, be sure to check out React Native, which enables cross-platform application development. Whether web or mobile, React Native has no problem with that.

At the end of all courses, a final quiz awaits you, where you can test your knowledge acquired in the courses.


React Basics

Course: 5 lessons