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Discussion: Swing replacement

In the previous quiz, Online Java Quiz, we tested our experience gained from the course.

Replies to David Capka Hartinger
Mohammed sardar:2/4/2017 3:41

Hi David

Thanks. I am Mohammed Sardar and startup level java developer. Hope you are doing well ? Would you please suggest me what is the advancement of Swing? From above, is it good to learn JavaFX alone ? I'm managing with swing now and adjusting the components in Grid Layout is quite tricky for me. So I seek for some experts advice.


2/4/2017 3:41
Replies to Mohammed sardar
David Capka Hartinger:2/5/2017 5:51

Yes, I'd definitely start with JavaFX.

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2/5/2017 5:51
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Mohammed sardar:2/5/2017 11:51

**Thanks. **

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2/5/2017 11:51
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