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tombezlar:24. March 6:29

Here are 3 ways to convert an int to a String

String s = String.valueOf(n);
String s = Integer.toStrin­g(n);
String s = "" + n;

I understand what we did for the first and second methods. But can someone please explain what does 3rd method do? In other words, how does "" convert integer into string? Thanks

24. March 6:29
David Capka
ICT.social team
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David Capka:25. March 6:03

The third method forces the compiler to convert n to string. Concatenating (adding strings together by using the + operator) even an empty string in this case with anything else will always result in a string. So the number has to be converted to make the resulting string. Anyway, this is a weird method to do such thing and can be misunderstood, use the 2 above.

Edited 25. March 6:04
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25. March 6:03
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