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Discussion: How can I get an old applet to work?

JensenBreck:12/6/2017 1:12

I need help with an old applet which I can't use.
For many years i used a Java Applet called TeamStats for different sports league tables. It was a simple but very useful applet.
Then Oracle started to come up with their new security things which made aömost all my Java Applets impossibe to use, unfortunately also TeamStats.
After trying for a while to get this applet work, I simply gave up.
For two years I've tried different, Programs which can be used for maintaining sports league tables, all of them more complicated to handle and not as useful as TeamStats. I even bought a buggy program for a nice sum of money which turned out to be worthless, very limited and no support at all from those who sold it to me.
I've tried to construct Excel tables but it's too complicated and they take too much time to work with.
So I've decided to bring TeamStats back to life. But how?
Unfortunately, I only have the Swedish applet and other language versions aren't available anymore. I hope that someone might understand the principles for the applet anyway and make it work for me. Or if there are anyone who can create a new but similar useable applet for me.
Please help.
I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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12/6/2017 1:12
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Inactive member:12/6/2017 10:02

Hi, I looked at your reference to that different forum and it seems quite resolved to me.

  1. Applets, especially the old ones, are genarily consider security rist (more about applets security -…/Java_applet#…). So as a user, you have to globaly lower you security messures inside your computer and also in this case you need old Java version installed. I really don't recommend this.
  2. As you sugested yourself, the second option is to rewrite old applet to meet modern security standarts. For that you need its source code (see forum) and to understand its security polici (see link to Wiki). As I understood, you're not so skilled or don't have the time, so you would like someone else to do it for you. In that case prepare a lot of money. I mean a lot, because these things are really expensive.
  3. Personally I would recommend to rewrite applet functionality into modern web standards like HTML5, CSS3 and JS. It's easier and so cheaper and it will work globally without any complications. ;)
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12/6/2017 10:02
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