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Discussion: What Software Should I Use?

JensenBreck:12/13/2017 5:02

I was wondering if anyone has any idea which is the best completely free open-source software I could use to create my website.
I've been using a program called Open Element up until now. But it has some shortcomings including text which changes size depending on the webpage and it doesn't have a built in search engine.
The type of software I'm looking for must be drag-and-drop since I only know a little bit of coding. It must also allow me to use a search engine, preferably through something built in, and it must have a good way to change how it displays pages on mobile. Finally, I'm looking for something more like Wix than Wordpress. So something where I have relative freedom to change the themes, increase the size of images, change the layout, move things around freely, etc. as I wish.
It must also allow for good SEO.
Note that I don't need a url or webhosting, since I already use GoDaddy for that purpose, but only need the design software.

Please help.

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Cloud Marketing Examples

12/13/2017 5:02
Jindrich Maca
Replies to JensenBreck
Jindrich Maca:12/23/2017 16:08

Hi, once again, there is a lot of answers in link you've posted. Personally I think you have a little bit unrealistic expectations. If such software existed and be at disposil to anybody for free, programmers would be without job. :)

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12/23/2017 16:08
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