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Emma Watson
Emma Watson:8/30/2023 0:27

To change the date of an Emirates flight, adhere to these steps:

Access Emirates Website: Visit the official Emirates website and log in to your Emirates Skywards account.

Retrieve Booking: Locate your booking using the booking reference and last name.

Modify Flight: Choose the "Manage Booking" option and look for the "Change Flight" button.

Select New Date: Browse available flight dates and select the new one that suits your plans.

Pay any Difference: If the fare varies, pay the fare difference.

Confirmation: Receive an email confirming the date change and updated itinerary.

Check-In: Remember to check-in for the revised flight before departure.

Note Fees: Be mindful of any change fees or fare differences as per Emirates' policy.

8/30/2023 0:27
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