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Discussion: Free CMS for corporate Intranet which works with IIS ?

JensenBreck:12/14/2017 8:49

I recently completed a new website from the ground up for my company (netdes com) and they liked it, so now they want me to redevelop/redesign their existing Intranet site (which sucks & is ColdFusion powered).
I'm hoping to use an open source CMS, but the sheer number of them out there combined with the fact that I've never used one before is a bit overwhelming. If anyone has any recommendations or personal experience to share that would be wonderful.
My requirements for it are not completely known at this point, but it will need to run on IIS (so any which require Apache are out), and I'd prefer it to have been developed with PHP (I've got PHP 5.0.3 running on my company's Web server now, but I could remove that & put on 4.x if the CMS required it). It should also be easy to install, well documented, developer-friendly and have a fairly large installed base.
Like I said don't yet know everything I'll need to accomplish with the new Intranet site, but some things I wouldn't mind being able to include are a contact management system, file distribution (e.g. where based on you're login you're able to download different files), an events calendar, very basic forum, photo gallery and search. But I could always run additional products or add-ins to the CMS to accomodate some of that. The design of it will need to be similar to the very clean & simple,
I found a great site which allows you to compare heaps of different CMSes so I've been checking that out.
Some that I'm thinking of so far (though I don't really know much about them and how appropriate they'd be for the site) are:
(sounds great, but I'm not thrilled about it being programmed in Python or requiring a Zope application server).
(I know almost nothing about this one and it's not listed on cmsmatrix)
I know my question is fairly vague, but... any insights into these or additonal CMSes and/or recommendations as to which are the best/easiest to use/etc.?
If anyone has any information about this,
Please help.

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12/14/2017 8:49
mick:5/18/2022 7:09

Thanks for helping with this question!

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5/18/2022 7:09
mick:5/23/2022 7:10

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5/23/2022 7:10
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