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Discussion: Eliminate base64_decode madness?

JensenBreck:12/1/2017 6:40

I'm in the process of updating a client's pulse installation—but in the new version I noticed several files with base64_decode in them!? (the whole index.php, not just a data-uri)
I guess you must have a good reason for that … but I couldn't come up with a single one, would love to hear the reasoning behind this. So far, I have only ever seen that on cracked websites, people trying to cover their tracks; never from a proper CMS. It sure looks fishy and certainly makes understanding and tweaking the CMS a lot more cumbersome.
It even says "Along with complete unobfuscated codebase"
But the licence (in config.php) doesn't seem to un-obfuscate the source. I mean, it's not like this would prevent anyone from getting to the source—just makes it more complicated for legitimate users. Any chance of removing that cruft?
Please help.

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12/1/2017 6:40
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Inactive member:12/1/2017 16:35

Hi, I read the discussion you posted below, and it seems to me, that this is just their way of distribution and that it's also somehow required by their licence, so I'm afraid, that's just the way it is. :(

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12/1/2017 16:35
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