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Lesson 16 - DataGrid in C# .NET WPF

In the previous exercise, Solved tasks for C# .NET WPF lessons 11-15, we've practiced our knowledge from previous lessons.

In the previous lesson, Solved tasks for C# .NET WPF lessons 11-15, we finished our graphical clock. Today, in this C# .NET WPF tutorial, we're going to take a look at the interesting DataGrid control.


As the name suggests, we use DataGrid to display values in a table. Let's make a simple example showing a list of people using DataGrid. We'll load them from a list collection, but in reality they'd more likely be displayed e.g. from a database. The approaches described below would work the same.

Form Design

Create a new WPF Application, set the window title to Personnel administration. Then set the WindowStartupLocation property to CenterScreen to ensure that the window will appear in the center of the screen when we start the application. We'll use Grid for the form layout again. We'll divide it into two rows. Into the first row, we'll add a DataGrid control named PersonnelDataGrid and into the second one we'll


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In this tutorial, we'll learn how to use DataGrid in WPF form applications in C# .NET. We'll learn how to define custom columns and select an item.

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