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Memory (Pexeso) game in C# WPF

Simple application Pexeso (Memory) game in WPF generates randomly placed pairs of cards using the random number generator Random and HashSet. Cards are generated as objects from bitmaps stored in the img folder. The game calculates position of mouse clicks, reveals two clicked cards, and after a specific time interval it covers them back. It works with two 2D arrays, the first one stores the cards themselves and their labels in as Integers, the other one keeps the card status which is covered / revealed / match. The objects to be rendered are converted into two ObservableColec­tions, which are bound via ItemsControl to the corresponding Canvases, which overlap each other in the main window. The time is measured until all matching card pairs are revealed; the best time and player's name are saved into a file.


Program was created in 2017.



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Application includes source codes in language C# .NET


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Program has been written for you by Bruno Schwarzbach
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